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Access any website with GPT API using Airtable and Make

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Introducing our latest blueprint - the OpenAI GPT - Web -Airtable Integration Blueprint for Make! This blueprint will allow you to harness the power of up to date web data in your OpenAI GPT workflows and combine it with the flexible database capabilities of Airtable.

This blueprint is an exact match for our YouTube tutorial video, providing a quick way to get set up and started accessing web with Open AI

Whether you're aiming to boost your automation tools or simply want to explore the exciting applications of GPT models, this blueprint offers invaluable insights and video tutorial offers easy-to-follow instructions. Plus, it's designed for use on Make, making the implementation process even simpler!

Unlock the potential of AI in your workflows today with our OpenAI GPT-Airtable Integration Blueprint. Perfect for beginners, enthusiasts, and experts alike, this blueprint is your key to the world of advanced automation.

Get your copy now and elevate your automation journey!


  • Airtable CRM base
  • Make Blueprint

Required software to implement:

  • Airtable account - (Pro needed to benefit from automations and scripts)
  • - possible to start on free plan
  • OpenAI account - provides initial trial credits

Full walkthrough:

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Access any website with GPT API using Airtable and Make

6 ratings
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