Airtable formulas with ChatGPT - suggestions inside formula field - Airtable/Chrome extension

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Airtable formulas with ChatGPT - suggestions inside formula field - Airtable/Chrome extension

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Sometimes, even those of us who are well-versed in formulas (like we are at Business Automated! 😁) struggle with creating the right Airtable formulas. Writing a new formula can be mentally taxing at times 😉. But don't worry, we're here to help!

Whether you're a newbie or an Airtable expert, this Chrome extension can speed up the process of creating formulas in Airtable. If you're just starting with Airtable formulas, this tool can help guide you in the right direction and even provide the final complete formula. For Airtable experts, having an AI robot change all variables in nested IF statements to other ones can be a huge time saver. This tool can also help rewrite formulas, such as from IF to SWITCH.

The Airtable Hint GPT Chrome extension

Our Airtable Hint GPT extension is based on Open AI's GPT language model. This model uses deep learning techniques to generate human-like text based on a given prompt. Our extension utilizes this technology to help users create Airtable formulas more efficiently. You are able to type what you want the formula to do and see result

Installing the extension adds a special button inside the formula field:

Type your instruction and get back formula!

You can download the extension from the link on the right .

The source code of the extension is available publicly via my open source Github repository. Contributions are welcomed.

Completion modes

We provide two modes of completion:

  • ChatGPT based completions - which might sometimes be a bit more verbose
  • Regular GPT completions - tend to be shorter, but have higher cost per token


  • Airtable account
  • OpenAI account

How to test ChatGPT formula suggestions?

Clone this test base


and try couple of ideas for formula like:

  • Create a very visible warning with stop emoji and warning message if Status field is empty. Show green check if status is OK
  • How many days between Due date and Kick off
  • Check if emails in Email field have correct format using REGEX_MATCH() function. Display visible warning in case emails are not correct
  • If Status is Complete display Task name in capitals with excited emoji at the start

Watch full description and walkthrough in this video:

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