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Sales CRM and Cold emails with GPT4 and Airtable

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Introducing Sales CRM and Cold Emails with GPT-4 and Airtable base

A powerful and user-friendly template designed to streamline your customer relationship management (CRM) and email marketing efforts. By harnessing the power of GPT-4 and Airtable, this product enables you to manage your CRM within Airtable, efficiently respond to incoming emails, and schedule targeted cold email campaigns for potential customers.

Our Sales CRM and Cold Emails with GPT-4 and Airtable product is built on four main elements, also known as Make blueprints, which link seamlessly with your Airtable base.


  • Airtable CRM base with tables for Opportunities, Interactions, Contacts, Accounts, Email Topics, Team as well as set of charts and deal trackers
  • OpenAI GPT cold email idea script - JS script inside of Airtable scripting block to connect directly to OpenAI to generate cold email ideas
  • 4 automation scenarios to send, receive emails as well as generate replies and cold emails.

Required software to used:

  • Airtable account - (Pro needed to benefit from automations and scripts)
  • - possible to start on free plan
  • OpenAI account - base credits
  • Google Workspace - Gmail for email receiving and sending emails

Includes 4 scenario blueprints:

1. Capture Incoming Gmail Emails in Airtable: Automatically capture incoming emails for easy reference and organization.

2. Reply to Inbound Emails with GPT4 from Airtable: Utilize the power of GPT-4 to draft personalized and engaging responses to your inbound emails. Simply review and approve the drafts, then send them directly from your Airtable base.

3. Create Cold Emails in Airtable with Chat GPT: Generate compelling cold emails using GPT-4 that are tailored to your target audience. Save these drafts in your Airtable base for easy access and scheduling.

4. Send Emails from Airtable: Schedule and send your cold email campaigns directly from your Airtable base, ensuring a smooth and organized process for reaching out to potential customers and tracking their responses.

Watch the tutorial here:

Part 2

Part 3

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Sales CRM and Cold emails with GPT4 and Airtable

6 ratings
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